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Placer Claims - Over $20,000 CDN

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Asking - $90,000

33.3 hectare (82.2 acre) legacy parcel on Grouse Creek, downstream of the renowned Heron Channel. Approximately 0.5km of Grouse Creek runs through the east portion of the claim. There are active placer mines to the north and south of the property. The claim is easily accessible from the 3100 and 31A Roads, and lies approximately 5km SE of Barkerville Historic Town. Seismic work has been completed and results are available. Some of the channel area is open but needs enlargement to get to the base. Seismic shows there may be up to 600 lineal feet of channel on the claim. MINFILE records available. Access is from May 24 to early October (depending on annual snow conditions). This claim provides an excellent opportunity for seasoned miners with larger equipment.

For more information and maps contact: info@accuratemining.compixelP-272

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Pundata Creek
Asking $25,000 CDN

77.45 hectare (191.383 acre) claim parcel consisting of 4 full cells in 3 tenures centered on the creek at the lower end of Pundata Valley. Current pay gravels overlie false bedrock, but work needs to be done to establish whether the area also contains an additional gold channel on bedrock. The area is highly mineralized with pyrite crystals and large quartz boulders. The claims contains two distinct runs of gold: one bright yellow, well rounded flattened flakes; the other thick, rough-edged nuggets ¼ to 1 gram in size, some specimens with quartz. Good access is available from mid-May to mid-October through a series of logging roads and mining trails. These claims provide an excellent opportunity for either hobbyists or seasoned miners.

For more information and maps contact: info@accuratemining.compixelP-266

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Black Bear Creek - Likely area
Newly Expanded to 392 ha -
$180,000 CDN

392.45 hectare (969.765 acre) cell claim package consisting of 6 tenures are located on historic Black Bear Creek. Claims include approximately 3.6km of Blackbear drainage. Good history of gold production of coarse gold and nuggets. Claims have old underground workings dating back to the 1800s. Minister of Mines reports available. Just 35 minutes from the community of Likely. Ponds and mechanical permit is in place. Some equipment included. Owner selling due to ill health.

For more information and maps contact: info@accuratemining.compixelP-259

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Beaver Pass - Barkerville Camp -
Asking$40,000 CDN

126.737 hectare (313.174 acre) claim group on lower Mask Creek has good access from Hwy 26 on either the 600 and 3500 Roads from Cottonwood or the 2400 Road at Beaver Pass. Claims are located SSW of Tregillis (Langford) Lake. Excellent history of recovery of coarse gold, easy clean up with few fines, on adjoining claims. More than 2135 lineal feet of main and feeder channels. MINFILE reports on Mary Creek available.

For more information and maps contact: info@accuratemining.compixelP-253

Summit Creek LPM
- Bowron Lake area
Asking - $85,000 CDN

207.7 hectare (513.238 acre) placer lease is located just west of Bowron Lake Park and encompasses the Summit and Antler Creek confluence. There is a permanent camp set up with all the conveniences. Generators, fine-gold recovery system, some equipment are included. Large pond is set up and ground is ready to mine. New logging access roads scheduled for near future to clear out pine bug kill. Assays grade at .9 fineness. Limited previous production and possible identification of old Antler Creek channel.

For more information and maps contact: info@accuratemining.compixelP-259

REDUCED      Blackjack Gulch - Barkerville
- $125,000 CDN

65.55 hectare (161.977 acre) legacy three claim group on historic Blackjack Gulch adjoins the gold rush town of Barkerville. Blackjack Gulch is a tributary of Williams Creek that contained some of the richest ground in the Cariboo Gold Rush. Open pit hydraulic workings exist from the 1860s and on into the early 1900s, but there has been no mechanical work. Hand work over the last several years has indicated a number of targets for future machine work. MINFILE and historical research package available.

For more information and maps contact: info@accuratemining.compixelP-255

Beaver Pass – Wells/Barkerville Camp -
$699,000 CDN

198.842 hectare (491.349 acre) King David legacy claim group are located surrounding Tregillis Creek and Tregillis Lake and are 62km from Quesnel, via Highway 26 and the 2400 Road. The Beaver Pass area has long been known for its easy recovery of coarse gold. Ponds are in place and the area is ready to mine. Historical reports available. Mechanically permitted in 2009. SERIOUS ENQUIRIES ONLY.

For more information and maps contact: info@accuratemining.compixelP-257

Lightning Creek Property -

385.323 hectare (952.154 acre) parcel consisting of one converted claim (355.83 ha workable area) and 1 legacy placer units (29.493 ha) located approximately 35 minutes east of Quesnel just south of paved Barkerville Hwy 26. Maps, geological reports, etc available on request. Terms may be available. Last operation on this property run by Gallery Resources Limited and Tercon joint venture. SERIOUS ENQUIRIES ONLY.

For more information and maps contact: info@accuratemining.compixelP-231

Historic Likely Bullion pit -
$1,199,000 CDN

198.842 hectare (491.349 acre) legacy claim parcel on the Quesnel River is just 3km from the historic gold mining community of Likely. The Bullion Pit gravels are stratigraphically equivalent to those hosting the Wells-Barkerville Cariboo gold fields. Gold recovered from the Pleistocene gravels was usually fine “coarse” gold with nuggets 0.9 to 7 grams in size. Mining between 1895 and 1942 produced 175,644 ounces of gold. MINFILE and historical reports available. SERIOUS ENQUIRIES ONLY.

For more information and maps contact: info@accuratemining.compixelP-256


Claim listings are $50 per insertion. The fee covers web design and hosting costs. Listings remain posted until sold. Claim locations, maps, history, photographs if available, etc should be included so this information can be forwarded to interested parties. Please include your contact information and whether you wish to be contacted directly.

Warning — These properties are offered for mining purposes only and ownership of the title to them does not include ownership of the surface rights or the right to use the surface for residential or recreational purposes.pixelPrices may be subject to change, dependant on current commodity prices and owner discretion
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