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January 12, 2005 British Columbia was divided into a cell grid system for map staking.. Cells are based on latitude and longitude and vary in size according to the area of the province. Cells in the south are slightly larger, averaging 21 hectares. Cells in central B.C. average 19 hectares, while cells in the north average 16 hectares.

Both mineral and placer tenures in good standing on January 12th were deemed “Legacy” tenures. These Legacy tenures will require verification over the period of the next two years where there is any dispute over tenure borders. This will entail accurate GPS ground location to verify map placement and, where tenures are extensive, may become a costly exercise. Currently, a small percentage of tenures have completed GPS surveys acceptable to the Mineral Titles branch of the Ministry of Energy and Mines. An opportunity now exists to convert Legacy tenures into new UTM cell units, eliminating the need for legal GPS surveys.

Legacy mineral tenures that are stand-alone and not neighboured by adjacent tenures currently have a period of six months to convert to Cells—with the conversion reserve ending at midnight on July 11. The placer conversion reserve has been extended to November 30. Legacy claims that are bordered by adjacent tenures have not been afforded this grace period as the adjacent cells became available January 12 to either tenure holder. In order to maintain secure tenure under the grid system and avoid nuisance claims in border areas, it was necessary to act swiftly to convert and acquire the cells adjacent to existing tenures.

In addition to acquiring additional ground to conform tenures to the grid and eliminate potential future disputes, there are a number of advantages to converting existing Legacy claims to cells, including:

  1. Reducing and/or eliminating the need for costly GPS surveys for existing Legacy claims in potentially disputed areas.
  2. Acquiring additional ground adjacent to existing properties.
  3. Creating a cohesive land package with no possibility of future tenure disputes.
  4. Reducing any possibility of fractions that may occur as the automated grid map conversion takes place from plotting two-post units (previously resolved through ground staking to cover the area in dispute—an expensive luxury that is no longer possible under the new system).
  5. Combining tenures for effective future management (cells can be combined into large blocks, using only a single tenure number—similar, but not limited to, existing four-post claims).
  6. Possibly as early as the spring of 2006, all tenure management will become an online function, including submitting Notices of Work for exploration purposes.
Accurate Mining Services will provide all future services as they become available online through MTO and the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources.

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